About Us

NAISMA Activities

  • To provide education and professional improvement, NAISMA conducts an annual Conference & Trade Show presenting a forum for national speakers and enlightenment on state issues, and field tours to inform our members on local issues. Advances in the technology and tools of weed management are showcased at our Conference and Trade Show and proceedings are published for all topics presented.
  • To provide regulatory direction, NAISMA is represented on the Intermountain Noxious Weed Advisory Council (INWAC). A NAISMA member joins INWAC annually for its trip to Washington D.C. to inform and educate national leaders on weed issues.
  • To promote professional improvement and networking, NAISMA provides speakers and topics to help managers improve their efficiency at our Conference & Trade Show and publishes the quarterly newsletter NAISMAlogue.

To increase environmental awareness of the negative impacts of noxious weeds and exotic plants.

NAISMA Objectives

    1. To foster cooperation among invasive species managers, throughout North America in the exchange of information, education, training, management practices, programs and technologies
    2. To empower North American invasive species managers by improving and promoting their professionalism and the image of invasive species managers.
    3. To assist in the development of uniform international, national, provincial and state management legislation and regulation
    4. To foster cooperation and involvement in invasive species management among federal, provincial, state, municipal district, county and private land managers throughout North America.
    5. To coordinate enforcement in invasive species management among federal, provincial, state, municipal, district, county and private land managers.
    6. To promote the funding of invasive species management projects, research and programs that are international, national, or regional in scope and effectiveness.

NAISMA Board Objectives