ByLaws and Constitution Committee


The Purpose of this committee is to maintain NAISMA's Constitution and By-laws in conjunction with other commitee members. The comittee is responsible for bringing forward any proposed changes to the constitution and by-laws to the membership at the Annual General Meetings, as well as ensuring that the proper notifications are sent out to facilitate any changes prior to the AGM.

2016 Goals:

  • Annual review of By-laws and Constitution
  • Bring forward any proposed changes or necessary updates to the NAISMA BoD

Committee Members:

Rob Shultz, Laura Poile (Board is made up of Past President, President Elect and one board member)

Marketing and Outreach Committee


This committee will be coordinating a unified invasive species message. Initiated at the Education Summit in Jackson, attendees agreed that we need to coordinate and seek marketing assistance.

NAISMA recently adopted Play Clean Go (PCG) as our national education campaign. The NAISMA Marketing and Outreach Committee conducted a survey that identified the need for a national campaign with a unified message. The response was overwhelmingly in support of a campaign that any program could adopt and utilize as a compliment to their local outreach efforts. The committee feels the PCG campaign meets that need and thus supports adoption by NAISMA. To see how Clean Play Go can work for your organization download the presentation here. For more information on how to join please click here.

2016 Goals:

  • Promote Play Clean Go and get new members
  • Improve structure and strategies for increased communications with membership 
  • Improve professional images of the invasive species management program
  • See if NAISMA could get a spot on the PlayCleanGo steering committee

Coordinator: Julie Kraft, Sublette County(Wyoming) Weed and Pest District

Committee Membership:

David Moorhead, Julie Knudson, Kelly Cooley and any interested NAISMA members

Annual Conference Committee


This committee is responsible for the develpment and maintenance of a consistent NAISMA annual conference prgram and working with the host state to highlight their programs and invasive species management. 

2016 Goals:

  • Finalize the conference planning document
  • Assist in conference planning
  • Seek conference sponsorship, vendors, and fundraising
  • Develop a conference survey
  • Promote conference and conference activities

Committee Members:

Rob Schultz, Aaron Foster (NAISMA Board members, past and future conference organizers)


Weed Free Forage/Gravel Committee


The purpose of this committee is to coordinate efforts of county, provincial/state, and federal agency personnel toward establishing, maintaining, reviewing and updating regional weed free forage standards for gravel products and forage.

 Download the Weed Free Forage & Gravel presentation here

This committee is coordinated by Marsha Watland, NAISMA Board member and County Agriculture Inspector, Becker County SWCD, Minnesota

 Download the updated WFF Standards here.

 For more information or to provide any feedback please contact Phil Banks, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2016 Goals:

  • Update Weed Free Forage standards
  • Streamline twine ordering
  • Increase state adopting
  • Organize train the trainer for conference
  • Review gravel pit standards
  • Update MOU's with all the states and promote being NAISMA Members

Committee Membership

David Moorhead, Mark Daluge, Kelly Cooley, Mike Stenson, Ron Moehring, Bill Gillespie, Sean Gephart, Jake Dick, Samantha Cisney, Julie Kraft, Belle Bergner, Andrea Moe and Marsha Watland, Coordinator


Professional Development Committee


The purposes of this committee are to organize, facilitate, and lead a functioning committee of NAISMA members whose purpose is to accomplish the professional development objectives set by the NAISMA Board of Directors. The committee will provide the membership with opportunities to identify gaps in professional development opportuniites that NAISMA may be able to provide in order to further the NAISMA mission of promoting and empowering invasive species management in North America.

This committee is also responsible for the Certified Manager of Invasive Plants Committee and the tasks associated with that program which include: Development of the exam, coordinate and administer the NAISMA certification CMIP exam, approve the applications of those desiring to sit for the exam, grading the exam, notifying applicants if they have passed or must retake the exam, approving the continuing education of all certified managers, tracking the CEU's for all passing the exam.

2016 Goals:

  • Reviewing the CMIP program and updating the program
  • Provide valuable services for membership
  • Evaluation of a new professional designation program
  • Holding educational webinars for the membership
  • Improve professional images of the invasive species management profession

Committee Members

 Julie Knudson, Kelly Cooley, and Stephanie Naftal