The purpose of this committee is to coordinate county, state/provincial, and federal personnel toward establishing, maintaining, reviewing and updating biological control standards. This committee also communicates biocontrol information and research to the membership through NAISMA's newsletters, website and listserv.

2016 Goals:

Download the presentation from the 2015 Biocontrol Consortia Summit in Vancouver here.

  • Gather widespread support for overseas research and development for current and potential biological control agents.
  • Provide a collective voice for on the ground biological control matters in North America
  • Be the central hub for collecting, discussing, and sharing on the ground successes, failures,observations and resources in North America
  • Creat a focus group to be involved with TAG(technical advisory group) for improving process.
  • A 2016 Bio Control Summit or update on various bio-contril issues at the annual conference.

Committee members:

Aaron Foster, Stephanie Naftal, Mike Stenson and Julie Knudson

 Committee Membership:

Any interested NAISMA directors and members.