This committee is responsible for watching for and making the NAISMA BoD and membership aware of international issues pertaining to invasive species. This committee can construct responses to international invasive species issues as they arise, write position papers, and meet with other groups working on international issues that can have an impact on the activities of the membership. The committee is also responsible for maintaining contact with and participating in the Healthy Habititats Coalition.

*Please note this committee replaces the old International Issues and Healthy Habitats Coalition

2016 Goals:

  • Communicate to the membership about international issues through the NAISMA listserv and website
  • Write position papers pertaining to relevant issues surrounding invasive species management. (i.e.position paper on Bio-contril for USDA APHIS)
  • Possibly get a legislative support tab on the website, that way members could request support from NAISMA on legislative issue on their state or province.

Committee Members:

Mark Deluge, Teresa Wickeham and Mike Stenson