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The PlayCleanGo goal is to protect valuable natural resources and empower individuals to be stewards of the places they love by preventing the spread of invasive species through outdoor recreation and worker activities on land and water.

The brand promotes awareness, understanding, and cooperation through a clear call to action:

  • Play in the outdoors.
  • Clean your gear before you leave.
  • Go to your next adventure.

The brand articulates a clear reminder to outdoor recreationists and workers to clean boots, boats, and other outdoor gear that might have seeds or fragments of invasive species before leaving the trail, water, or worksite.

The PlayCleanGo campaign strategy is to form partnerships with local organizations who can place the branded logo placed at key locations such as trailheads, boat landings, and other recreation access points. Partner organizations are also encouraged to use the brand on any outreach opportunity they have such as their own website, social media, and digital and printed media. The campaign provides a huge library of tools and resources to local organizations and individuals to encourage cleaning gear before entering and exiting recreation access points. 

What if every outdoor recreationist were provided with the tools to Stop Invasive Species in their Tracks? Could we stop them? We think so.

There are 550+ PlayCleanGo partner organizations already, representing thousands of individuals who believe we can do it too. Join forces with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses across North America. Become a PlayCleanGo partner now!

      Become A Partner Now

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The PlayCleanGo Campaign is  guided by an Advisory Council representing PlayCleanGo partners and stakeholders from across North America. There are currently 4 open positions. Click here to download the nomination form if you are interested in joining the Council.