PlayCleanGo empowers individuals to be stewards of their environment by preventing the spread of invasive species through their own activities. The PlayCleanGo logo is plastered at trailheads, boat landings, billboards, storefronts, and partner organization websites from Canada down to Texas. PlayCleanGo is working to expand our presence in the US, Canada and Mexico.

We have a duty to protect our incredible natural areas: National and State Parks, Wilderness Areas, even Urban Parks and Bikeways. All will only be protected if everyone does their part. That is the beauty of the clear, simple and direct PlayCleanGo message:

  • Play in the outdoors.
  • Clean your gear before you leave.
  • Go to your next adventure.

NAISMA is partnering with PlayCleanGo to offer a sponsorship program with unparalleled branding and marketing opportunities with outdoor professionals.

PlayCleanGo Sponsor Opportunity 

As one of the fastest-growing environmental stewardship brands in North America, PlayCleanGo provides an incredible opportunity to connect with an ever-expanding and diverse cross section of professionals who protect our natural heritage and the outdoor recreationists who are out enjoying it.

Through sponsorship, you help ensure our message continually engages with as much of North America as possible. Becoming a Sponsor of PlayCleanGo will provide innumerable mutual benefits to both you and PlayCleanGo.

PlayCleanGo Sponsors gain:

  • Improved brand recognition and perception as a brand that gives back;
  • Exposure to potential new clientele;
  • Opportunities to win over customers from competing brands;
  • Higher consumer willingness to purchase your product

PlayCleanGo is partnering with the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) to deliver the PlayCleanGo brand and message across the continent. This strategic partnership will provide you with unparalleled reach to your target audience that few other nonprofits can deliver.

In addition to all partner benefits including access to PlayCleanGo graphic design materials, sponsors receive the benefits described below, tiered by level. All sponsorships are for one year, renewable at the end of the sponsor year. A half-day to full-day PlayCleanGo event is being planned in conjunction with the October 23-27 NAISMA Annual meeting in Sparks, NV. The event will include workshops, breakout sessions, exhibit opportunities, networking, and a webinar. Please see below for sponsorship opportunities in conjunction with this event.

All PlayCleanGo partners, sponsors, and the public are invited to attend this event. Expected attendance at the 2017 NAISMA / PlayCleanGo event is 500.

General Sponsorship Opportunities are shown below. Click here to go to the sponsor signup and registration page.

Sustaining ($500)

  • Logo on the sponsor page of the PlayCleanGo website (tiered by level)
  • Name listed in the PlayCleanGo Newsletter (Quarterly)

Contributing ($1,000)

  • All of the above including:
  • Logo in one PlayCleanGo Newsletter (Quarterly)
  • 1 Complimentary ticket to the PlayCleanGo Event / Webinar

 Providing ($2,500)

  • All of the above including:
  • Logo on Program Book at PlayCleanGo Event (Expected attendance: 500)
  • 2 Complimentary tickets to the PlayCleanGo Event

Supporting ($5,000)

  • All of the above including:
  • Logo on website homepage
  • Advertisement in PlayCleanGo newsletter (current reach: 427)
  • 4 Complimentary tickets to the PlayCleanGo Event
  • Complimentary Exhibit Booth at the PlayCleanGo Event

Visionary ($10,000)

  • All of the above including:
  • Logo on all welcome presentation screens at PlayCleanGo Event
  • 6 Complimentary tickets to the PlayCleanGo Event
  • Sponsor a reception at the PlayCleanGo Event

Premier ($20,000)

  • All of the above including:
  • Recognition as Premier Sponsor
  • Logo on all PlayCleanGo Event lanyards
  • 8 Complimentary tickets to the PlayCleanGo Event
  • Invitation to present at PlayCleanGo Event
  • Video promoting PlayCleanGo with your logo recognized posted on Social Media and YouTube

Click here to go to the sponsor sign up page. Or call the NAISMA office at 414.967.1350 to discuss how you or your organization, business, or agency, can become a sponsor today.

More information about PlayCleanGo can be found here.