Webinars & Videos

Many talented organizations are currently producing (or have previously developed) educational webinars to provide up-to-date information on a variety of invasive species-related topics. NAISMA is currently assessing where there might be educational gaps in webinar development to better serve our members, but in the meantime would like to guide you to a host of great webinars that have already been created to provide ongoing education on noxious weeds and other invasive species topics! If you know of a webinar series we do not have listed, or there is a topic you would like us to address that is not currently represented, please contact us! More webinar links coming soon!


Highlighted Webinar Series to Get Started

US Forest Service: - Invasive Plants — Issues, Challenges, and Discoveries Webinar Series. Free webinar series.

NAIPSC Webinar Series. Great free webinar series (just need to complete free registration to access)

Invasive Species Council of British Columbia. Free webinar series on variety of invasive species topics.


Other Webinars Organized by Topic

Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention (AISP) Webinar Series. Free webinar series centered on Minnesota’s Aquatic Invasive Species, with potential relevance for other states.


Data Management & Mapping

Conservation Biology Institute. Free information on using Data Basin and other tools.

Missouri River Watershed Coalition. Free webinar on using EDDMapS.

ESRI. Free live training seminars on various ESRI products.


Legislation & Permitting

NPDES Permitting. Free educational webinars covering different aspects of the NPDES permitting process.


Teaching Invasive Species to Kids

Green Teacher’s Invasive Species Webinar Series. This site requires paid subscription to view past and upcoming webinars.


Weed Management & Restoration

Tamarisk Coalition Conference Series & Webinars. Variety of free educational presentations and webinars on funding and other topics related to weed management and restoration.

Invasive Plant Management Technical Webinars. Free webinar recording covering restoration and weed management topics.


Miscellaneous Topics

Webinar Portal for Conservation of Natural Resources (Search Under Category: Conservation/Invasive Species & Pests)

NISAW Invasive Species Webinars. Several invasive species related free webinars.

Center for Invasive Species Management. Variety of free online courses, intermixed with other material.