NAISMA committees provide vital input and guidance to ensure that our programs and priorities are in line with the needs of the invasive species management community.

NAISMA Committees 

Each committee is comprised of members of the Board of Directors, general members, and sustaining members of NAISMA. Read below to learn more about our active committees.

We invite you to reach out to the committee chair listed below each committee if you are interested in learning more about, or joining, a particular committee.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for being alert for, and making the NAISMA Board of Directors and members aware of legislative issues pertaining to invasive species. This committee can construct responses to national and international invasive species policy issues as they arise, write position papers, and meet with other groups working on regional, national, or international policy issues that can have an impact on invasive species management activities.

Committee Goals

  • Communicate to the membership about international issues through the NAISMA listserv, newsletter, and social media

  • Write position papers pertaining to relevant issues surrounding invasive species management. (i.e. position paper on Biocontrol for USDA APHIS)
  • Facilitate member communication with elected officials to increase attention and concern among legislators for invasive species concerns
  • Hold a committee meeting at the annual conference to discuss legislative activities that impact invasive species issues.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Mark Daluge
  • Members: Rick Otis, Belle Bergner

Standards and Technology 

The Standards & Technology Committee works on Early Detection Rapid Response issues and programming in North America, and provides NAISMA’s membership with education on new EDRR species. They also review, promote, and update the NAISMA Mapping Standards to continue being relevant to current issues over time.

Committee Goals

  • Post EDRR Alerts through the listserv and social media
  • Submit an EDRR article in each of NAISMA’s newsletters
  • Maintain and regularly provide updates and information in the EDRR section of the NAISMA website
  • Annual standards review
  • Promote standards

Committee Members

  • Chair: Chuck Bargeron
  • Members: Kelly Cooley, Mark Daluge, Chris Evans

Marketing and Communications 

The Marketing and Communications Committee works to maintain and increase membership, as well as coordinate a unified invasive species message. Initiated at the Education Summit in Jackson, attendees agreed to coordinate and seek marketing assistance. This committee can provide communications mechanisms to the membership and prospective members to provide feedback to the NAISMA Board in order for the organization to continue to serve and meet the needs of the membership.

Committee Goals

  • Improve membership structure and strategies for increased communications with membership
  • Improve capacity of invasive species management professionals to address current issues
  • Increase membership at all levels of support
  • Gain a truly North American membership
  • Engage current membership
  • Provide valuable services for members

Committee Members

  • Chair: Hannah Bowers
  • Members: Kelly Cooley, Melissa Maggio-Kassner, David Coyle, Todd Boller, Mark Daluge


The purpose of Biocontrol Committee is to coordinate county, state/provincial, and federal personnel toward establishing, maintaining, reviewing and updating biological control standards. This committee also communicates biocontrol information and research to the membership through NAISMA’s newsletters and the listserv.

Committee Goals

  • A Biocontrol Summit or update on various bio-control issues at the annual conference.
  • Garner widespread support for overseas research and development for current and potential biological control agents.
  • Provide a collective voice for on the ground biological control matters in North America.
  • Be the central hub for collecting, discussing, and sharing on the ground successes, failures, observations, and resources in North America.
  • Create a focus group to be involved with TAG (technical advisory group) for improving process.
  • Update the NAISMA Newsletter on biocontrol agents and issues.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Melissa Maggio-Kassner
  • Members: Carrie Brown-Lima, Dave Bingham, Todd Boller

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee organizes, facilitates, and leads a functioning committee of NAISMA members whose purpose is to accomplish the professional improvement objectives set by the NAISMA Board of Directors. The committee provides the membership with opportunities to identify gaps in professional development opportunities that NAISMA may be able to provide. 

This committee is also responsible for the Certified Manager of Invasive Plants Committee and the tasks associated with that program which include: Development of the exam, coordinate and administer the NAISMA certification CMIP exam, approve the applications of those desiring to sit for the exam, grading the exam, notifying applicants if they have passed or must retake the exam, approving the continuing education of all certified managers, tracking the CEU’s for all passing the exam.

Committee Goals

  • Grow participation in the ISM Program
  • Develop shorter courses to offer in addition to current, 14-week courses
  • Review the CMIP program and update the program
  • Hold educational webinars for NAISMA members
  • Provide valuable services for membership
  • Improve professional capacity of invasive species managers

Committee Members

  • Co-Chairs: David Coyle and Chris Evans
  • Members: Martin Winchell, Kelly Cooley, Mark Daluge, Carrie Brown-Lima

Weed Free Forage & Gravel

The purpose of the Weed Free Forage and Gravel Committee is to coordinate efforts of county, provincial, state, and federal agency personnel toward establishing, maintaining, reviewing and updating the North American weed free forage and gravel standards.

Committee Goals

  • Develop and launch an online training for WFF&G MOU holders and 
  • Increase states adopting
  • Update MOUs with all states and promote being NAISMA Members
  • Streamline twine orders
  • Continue to review forage and gravel pit standards as needed

Committee Members

  • Marsha Watland
  • Members: Mark Daluge, Kelly Cooley, Todd Boller, Dave Bingham.
  • All NAISMA members and WFF&G MOU holders are invited to participate in this committee

Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee develops and maintains a consistent NAISMA annual conference program and works with the host state to highlight their programs and invasive species management.

The Awards sub-committee’s purpose is to recognize the contributions made by the NAISMA Board of Directors and other contributors to NAISMA. Duties include gathering nominations for the following awards and coordinating the logistics of the awards ceremony.

Committee Goals


  • Consideration of an award(s) recognition program for the membership
  • Plan the agenda for the awards celebration at conference
  • Develop criteria to explain each award to simplify the nominations process
  • Develop write-ups for each award winner at the awards banquet

Conference Planning:

  • Seek nominees from new states and provinces
  • Finalize the conference planning document
  • Assist in conference planning
  • Seek conference sponsorship, vendors, and fundraising
  • Develop a conference survey
  • Promote conference and conference activities

Awards Descriptions (not all are given every year):

  • Years of service
  • Outgoing President
  • Outstanding Board Member
  • Outstanding Achievement
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Appreciation Award
  • Award of Excellence
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Youth Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Friend of NAISMA
  • Outstanding Vegetation Management Award

Committee Members

  • Chair: Carrie Brown-Lima
  • Members: Chuck Bargeron, Mark Daluge, David Coyle, Melissa Maggio-Kassner, Chris Evans

Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to ensure that all financial and organizational records are kept in accordance with NAISMA’s By-Laws and that all tax and incorporation records are kept current and correct. The purpose of this committee is to maintain NAISMA’s Constitution and By-Laws in conjunction with other committee members.

The committee is responsible for bringing forward any proposed changes to the constitution and By-Laws to the membership at the Annual General Meeting, as well as ensuring that the proper notifications are sent out to facilitate any changes prior to the AGM.

The Governance committee also advertises positions available on the NAISMA Board of Directors, creates annual nominations forms, evaluates any nominations received, accepts or rejects them according to the criteria for serving on the NAISMA Board of Directors, and run the election for the Board and the AGM.

Committee Goals

  • Review By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
  • Bring forward any proposed changes or necessary updates to the NAISMA Board of Directors

Committee Members

  • Kelly Cooley
  • Members: Mark Daluge, Chris Evans, Marsha Watland, Todd Boller, David Coyle
  • This committee is made of the Past President, President-Elect, Secretary / Treasurer, and at least one or more interested Board Members