Become a Participating Agency and Certified Inspector for the
Weed Free Forage & Gravel Program

Participating agencies must be a unit of government that regulates prohibited weeds such as a state Department of Agriculture, County Government, Crop Improvement Association that is contracted by the state, or other government entity. Download the Memorandum of Understanding below. Select Weed Free Forage or Weed Free Gravel Program or both on the MOU form. Participating agencies may participate in one or both certification programs. The authorized agency representative fills out, scans, and emails MOU to or mail to NAISMA, 1123 N. Water St., 4th Floor, Office #9, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

Authorized representative of MOU agency identifies inspectors who will participate in the Weed Free Forage and Gravel training and sends email addresses of inspectors to

Authorized representative of MOU agency fills out and pays Weed Free Forage and/or Gravel Program Fee ($100) here. Program fee is required annually by the end of the calendar year for current certification.

All inspectors of a participating agency with current MOU are required to either attend the NAISMA Weed Free Forage and Gravel training at the Annual Meeting every 3 years, or take the online training. Inspectors, upon passing the inspection training quiz, will receive an inspector training certificate good for 3 years.

Please email David Burch, WFF&G Program manager at with any questions. 

Participating MOU
Agency or Organization

Register for the Weed Free Forage and / or Gravel Standards Program and pay program fee after you have sent in your MOU (see downloadable forms below).


If you are an inspector from a participating state and need to take the online training, request an invoice from Vanesa here. You will receive login information to take the training within 2 business days of receiving payment.

Weed Free Forage and Gravel Program documents are listed below.

Program Documents

Note: Program participants can customize the Inspection Form to meet local needs. Appendix B from Minimum Standards must be included.

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